This was hard to do with a lot of things because I don’t yet have enough pictures uploaded to make good mosaics or sudoku, but I saw examples and they looked really fun. As a side note, I also discovered that I uploaded all tiny pictures of my kitties. Now I have to start over with those unless I find that Flickr has a good photo editor…someone please let me know if you know! Also, I set all my cat pictures to private since I couldn’t set my whole profile to private (that I can tell, let me know if you discovered how). Now I realize that was silly…live and learn.

The one I did play with was the trading card mashup. That was fun. However, I did not ultimately post it on Flickr or here because:

  1. I was in a darkly humorous mood and it was for an overdues maven.
  2. The format would only make sense to people who at one time played Magic: the Gathering.
  3. I used a picture of me trap shooting, and a lot of people are uncomfortable with guns.

So there you go. I and other friends who have been in charge of overdues and have a temperament that allows for dark patron-related humor think it is hilarious. But it’s not like I don’t see why people would be offended. So I will make another generally friendly card and post it sometime when I haven’t been watching George Carlin videos all night.

The Flickr widget for WordPress was not displaying my pictures and I couldn’t seem to find any obvious instructions for how to change it, so I did what anyone ought to: I searched the help. Turns out dozens of people had the same problem (imagine that!) and the answer was readily available if you knew where to look. Now I’ve added the widget and you can see pretty pictures in my sidebar. Yay.

And in case it isn’t common knowledge, help documentation is your best friend. And if somebody’s documentation is awful you really should let them know because there is no excuse.

I’ll take some more pictures of the “kids” (and other stuff, I suppose) and try some more mashups later. I found this exercise was useful if for no other reason than I now know to go to Flickr Services to play; I might not have figured that out otherwise.