Everyone seems to be having so much fun with this that I thought I’d go make one…or thirty. I have a lot of cat pictures. I didn’t upload them to Flickr because I’ve pretty much abandoned Flickr account since my first run with the 23 Things this past winter. I use Picasa because what I want out of photo hosting is…photo hosting. I just seem to ignore all the social elements of Flickr, and it doesn’t have as many photo editing options as I would like to use. Plus, Picasa makes it really easy for me to group photos in an invitation friendly way when I share vacation photos with the family. So there. You’re welcome to check out my Picasa albums. I recommend the Kitties!!! Album, personally.

I use this as my avatar for everything, now it's all arty

My avatar for everything is now arty

It's me, with two cats on my lap, typical!

It's me, with kitties, typical!