Certified YouTube junkie from way back right here. I’ve been hitting YouTube hard since it hit the net. Of course, I never use it for anything useful, I’m more of your standard issue “I go to you tube to watch cute kitty videos” gal. Here are three of my favorites, a cartoon series that I love (and trust me, only putting up three is showing amazing restraint):

hmmm…I am having difficulty figuring out how to properly embed a YouTube video here…so instead I give you the Cute Overload post where they grouped them all together sucessfully!

I’ve seen a lot of these library videos and I think that it is awesome that so many librarians are putting these thing out there. We have a problem with students not making it to the library workshops when they are here for their residency, wouldn’t it be so easy to tape (hahaha…see, even I’m dating myself when I say “tape”) the workshop and then post it on YouTube…then post it on the Library site and direct students to it if they missed the workshop or need a refresher. Perhaps I will mention this at the next staff meeting!

I didn’t know about the music on YouTube until a couple of months ago when I shared a stupid cat video with my mother and she took it upon herself to start looking for classical music. Now she uses it all the time for that purpose. You just never know what’s going to hit the spot with some folks.

My absolute favorite parody of all time is on a site called GodTube…a religious YouTube (I am not endorsing GodTube here, I have no idea what all else is on this site, I go here for this parody and this parody alone).  I stumbled on this accidentally in  a Google search for lyrics and just could not believe it! In order to fully enjoy it, you have to be at least slightly familiar with Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back (I like big butts)” from the 80s, a song that people of my generation all have some level of fondness for. It is professionally completely inappropriate (aka, do not watch at work, at least not without headphones on) and, now that I think about it, probably part of the reason my mother had MTV blocked when I was a teenager. Regardless, if you’re not familiar with at least the opening sequence and the tune, you will not get why Baby Got Book is so freakin’ funny! People who are practicing Christians will probably find it even funnier than I do because they’ll get more of the jokes. Enjoy!