What differentiates a podcast from regular streaming audio or video is that the delivery method for podcasts is often done automatically through RSS – interested listeners or watchers can receive updates through RSS when new content is posted. – 23 Things Podcast  Description.

I had no idea that this was the difference! Podcasts are another one of those 2.0 technologies that I have continually had the opportunity to become exposed to, but deftly avoided. I really had no idea until today what they really were. And now that I know, it seems like something I’d be interested in, but am not sure where to start.

And of course, like most things, a divine intervention. My partner was driving me to my Chiropractor’s appointment and in my Vicodin induced haze, I admitted that I really have no idea what in the world is going on with gas prices or the economy or what drives economics. You know, the kind of confession you would really only make under the influence to someone who would never tell on you (and then you go any tell the world in your blog because your embarrassing ignorance of the subject makes a good point).

He mentioned that one way he keeps up on economics is listening to the Marketplace show on NPR, but then he noted that it was on when I was at work or sleeping. And then I had a moment…I asked him if it was podcasted. He said he didn’t know, but if it was I should subscribe to it and then I could listen to it any time. Ta da!

Since I am on complete house rest, I pulled out my iTunes and decided to figure all this out. After a few failed tries, I ended up with a weeks worth of Marketplace podcasts and a subscription for more. I can listen to these while I ice my shoulder on the couch. At least I will have something to do. And also, now I “get” podcasts and I wholeheartedly approve. Maybe I’ll look for more tomorrow.