I get so much junk mail I could probably wallpaper my house in it every week for the rest of my life. While I was digging around for information about trash and recycling pick-up, I came across the following websites & services for reducing junk mail:

Do Not Mail – A group brought to you by Forest Ethics committed to getting a Do Not Mail Registry going to mirror the Do Not Call Registry. For those of us on the Do Not Call list, we all know it is invaluable service that has made it possible for many of us to stop screening! Pop on by and sign the petition to let Congress know this is important to you. The also have a handy Opt-Out tool to get you started letting companies know you don’t want their mail.

Direct Marketing AssociationI’ve written about these folks before, but now I’ve discovered their handy web tool that is much faster for opting out of magazine, donation, and catalog offers.  You have to set up an account, but what’s one more, after all, if it frees you from the onslaught of catalogs!

Opt-Out Pre-Screen – These are the blasted credit card people. Tell them to knock it off. You can choose between 5 years or forever. Yes, you heard me, FOREVER! Remember, folks, there’s no shortage of places to get info about credit cards on the internet that are more efficient and useful than these individual mailers. I use Creditcards.com to compare offers. It’s brilliant and no waste.

Catalog Choice – In theory, if Do Not Mail Opt-Out and Direct Marketing Association work, you shouldn’t need this. Regardless, you can use this site to opt out or in to catalogs individually. I set up an account just in case, but I’d wait the requisite 6-8 weeks to see if the other methods are working.

Composting in Chittenden County – Did you know that the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) sells dirt cheap backyard composters?!?! I didn’t either, I almost went and spent twice to a third again as much on a backyard composter. Plus they give all kinds of handy tips on how to get started, how to build one from scratch, and how to get rid of organic biodegradables if you can’t/don’t want to compost yourself at home.

Trash Pick-up – If you live in Chittenden County and have to haul your own, you probably have considered/contracted someone to come do curbside pick up once a week. These people are likely to be Myers or Casella (All-Cycle-Waste) because they’re the most prominent. BUT WAIT! They’re also the most expensive, as it should happen. CSWD has a list of haulers, but I like Clean Green Sanitation and will likely go with them once B and I have mulled it over. At $6.50/week, that’s on par with going yourself.