So, you might be saying to yourself, how can you save money on groceries  buy buying coupons. You might also wonder if I will EVER post about libraries again. Promise, I am running out of savings to share!

Anyhoo. Here’s the deal. If you are thinking about getting into using coupons seriously, or already do use them and want to increase the savings, you really need to buy them from a coupon clipping places. Think about it:

  1. The Sunday paper costs money and unless you actually READ the paper, totally not worth the expense. (PS – it’s free online, and if you use RSS readers, more up to the minute.)
  2. The coupons you get from the paper are all over the place. When I was clipping, I think I maybe kept 5-10 of over 50 coupons each week because they were for all kinds of things I don’t use.

Since I started buying coupons, I am saving no less than $20 more a week in groceries, and usually closer to $30-$40. Of course, this is in combination with sale items from the circular and writing a weekly list to keep on task.

My best coupon victory to date was buying 10 $1.00 off  Compact Florescent Lightbulbs coupons for $1.60, then waiting until they went on sale at Price Chopper. When they did, they were on sale for $1.99, and since Price Chopper doubles coupons up to $1.00…yeah, even I can do that math. That’s $70 worth of light bulbs for the bargain price of $1.60.

So, now that I’ve sold you on it, I use two sites for buying coupons:

Cents Off – This one is my favorite. It’s a one time $7.50 to join and $8.00 per 50 coupons, plus $1.00 per 50 coupons for shipping. You get to PICK the coupons you actually use, get multiples if you like (up to 50), and if these coupons were only $0.50 each, you’d still have more than paid for the cost to buy them several times over. Plus, if you go someplace that doubles coupons…I’m sure you get the picture. I use this company first for all my coupon needs.

Coupon Clippers – I use these folks next. They have a different pricing scheme  (a percentage of the value of each coupon) and often require you to buy no less than 5 if they have a lot of them, which I find wasteful unless I am definitely going to use them all. They do, however, carry some different coupons from Cents Off and I regularly use them to fill in the gaps.

And if you’re not ready to start buying them, be sure to take advantage of the free printable coupons out there! There is one on the Coupon Clippers site, but here’s a few more. They’re usually the same coupons, but since you can only print once a day at each site, if you want multiples, you’ll have to visit a couple of places:

Cool Savings

The Grocery Game


I could go on here, but the point is that there are only two places out there that manage all the printable coupons no matter what site you visit. Just Google “printable coupons” if you want more sites because you must have one more Green Giant coupon! It’s easy.