With my car aging rapidly from a long work commute, I am less and less likely to take it on long road trips these days. Whenever I do, she punishes me with hugely expensive parts replacements. I am forever lamenting the steep increases in the prices of the train and bus, both of which I enjoy for different reasons. I have basically abandoned the bus because there are few deals and it takes so much longer than the train for about the same price. Ten years ago the difference in price made up for it. Try to remember back when fondly and move on.

So, I needed to book a bunch train tickets for New York Comic Con and, as is my custom, just before I clicked the submit button on the payment I did a search for promo codes. All I can say is “Who knew?!?!” There was a 20% discount for Vermonter line travelers…each way! So our tickets went from $100.00 round trip to $80.00. That’s no small change when rolled into a trip budget, and totally beats the bus price, so no need to justify!

Of course, it’s not like Amtrak makes it easy for you to figure this stuff out, but Railserve.com does! It breaks promos down in a number of ways, but the most useful is by region. Most of their promos totally beat the AAA discount of 10% or the Student Advantage discount of 15%.