My buddy Mark did the 12 Books, 12 Months Challenge last year and, like many of us, did not exactly complete the challenge as laid out. This inspired him to create his own challenge that allows the reader to change their mind and set their pace and have choices. He’s calling it My Two-Thirds Book Challenge and the goal is to pick the books you’d like to read in a year and then read at least two-thirds of them. I’m in.

I have 75 books on on my list, which is ambitious, I know. The number coincides with another goal, which is to read 10 more books every year. This year I am working on 40. So next year, it’s 50! Many of them are graphic novels, which take longer to read than you think, but still not as long as straight novels and not nearly as long as non-fiction, which I’m a little heavy on also.

If you want to see my list, check it out on my Goodreads profile. The books I’ve chosen are in the list two-thirds-challenge. I will be giving my reviews here and also on Goodreads.