Scenes from an Impending MarriageScenes From An Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine

I gave this 5 of 5 on Goodreads

I hear that this comic isn’t his best work from lots of folks, but since a) I’ve read and loved all his work and b) I feel a kinship to his attitude about most things, I feel qualified to say this book was awesome. I kept cracking up because I imagine that this is EXACTLY what it would be like if I were planning my own wedding. There is a kind of cautiously hopeful misanthropy to it that makes the perfect depiction of the modern couple who has not been imagining their wedding day since childhood and is now faced with making these decisions with no previous visioning. The drawing is simple black line that reminds me a lot of his really early work. It’s a short, delightful lunch break type read that will make you feel all warm inside unexpectedly.