Murder Unleashed: A NovelMurder Unleashed by Rita Mae Brown

I gave this 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads

I’m happy to report that this new story line seems to be settling in. The formula of talking animals + educational, culturally relevant content + warm, likable, but uncommon in pop lit characters = win for me. The first book in the series felt more raw and I’m happy they’re fitting together better. It’s easy to spot the killer, but hard telling if that is because I’ve read the rest of her mysteries and am conditioned. RMB’s are the only mysteries I read, so not having anything else to compare them to, I give them mostly middle scores. I enjoy them in spite of their flaws and I don’t pretend they’re a revelation of the art of fiction.

This story is a murder mystery that encompasses a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: the mortgage crisis, squatter’s rights, hunger both human and animal, coyote’s and ranch politics, cattle farming, campaign finance, school buses, and sex industry workers. I’m sure there was more, plus the everyday lives of regular characters. The story is easy and RMB has a gift for packing a lot of content into a weekend read without making it laborious.