Staring down the barrel of 29 books to go and one month to read them in, I am put in mind of a conversation at the beginning of this journey, wherein the decision to go for 50 was gently questioned by the inventor of the challenge. And, as is my way with home-based challenges, I relied more on bravado than sanity in goal setting. I am humbled, yes.

Sure, I could whip out 29 trade comics and bust it out, but how fun is that, really? This is MY two-thirds book challenge, and I am readjusting my expectations because I want to. I’m moving a bunch of books to next year’s challenge list and setting an attainable, but only just, goal of 26 books for this years challenge. Half. Where I should have started anyway.

Since I am at 21 books now, that probably seems easy. I will point out that I am about to embark on Okgoreberfest 2012, wherein I will watch one horror movie a day for the month of October. So, you know, a lot of prime reading time will be filled with blood and guts. There’s room for all challenges and for next year’s two-thirds challenge we’ll set a more reasonable goal from the get go!