ThanksKilling (2009)

Wow. Just…wow. When they say this is the ultimate low-budget experience, they deliver. It has every, and I mean EVERY, horror gag and gimick in the book. Excessive cursing? Check! Bad puns? Check! Wooden acting? Check! Unexplained boobs? Native American curses? Demon chants? Radioactive materials? Creepy old dudes? Villain that won’t die? Plot points clearly stolen from more popular movies? Getting stranded? Being a bad kid? Being a dumb kid? Unfair victims? Still beating hearts ripped from chests? All of the spooky music ever?


Not only this, but it has it’s own particular brand of crazy all it’s own. <—That turkey there, it is a puppet, and it talks. Filthy. My dad would blush.

I can’t wait for the sequel…IN SPACE!!!!! Out this November…