Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

I think this might be a kinda remake. It’s about a couple renovating an old mansion and the architects daughter comes to live with them. She discovers a walled up room. Mayhem ensues. The general description and even some key details from the 1976 movie of the same name are very similar. I haven’t seen that version, so I think this may be part remake, part retelling, but the key thing I see in the new description and not in the old is the emphasis on children.

Either way, it’s good! I was skeptical when I saw it at the drive in but found I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. The creatures were not too dominant or cartoony, the acting was well done, and the set was gorgeous. This is not a gore movie, but they do get you right at the beginning with a great jaw clenching, cover the eyes, start going fetal scene…key to set the mood for any sort of psychological horror.

What’s so good about this movie is what the little creatures actually end up being…or suggested as being. It sticks with you, it makes your brain start thinking about the story long after the movie is over, imagining details, filling in holes. This is a good one for folks who like to jump but not be really scared, and for folks who can’t tolerate a lot of gore.