It’s that time again, yay! *muppet arms*

This year’s challenge is to watch all horror movies I have never seen before. Easy enough, I haven’t been keeping up in recent years, and there are a lot of classics I haven’t seen.

Taken from the Facebook group (join us at

After 11 miserable months of agony the 9th annual 2013 OKGOREBERFEST HORROR MOVIE MEGA-THON IS FINALLY UPON US!!!! For those of you unfamiliar with our time honored and sacred tradition, here’s the the deal:

Every October us Okgoreberites vow to watch (at least) one horror movie a day til Halloween. It’s simple, It’s sleazy, It’s buckets of fun (or blood). It’s a great opportunity for us horror nerds to get together for a month every year (both online and in person) to celebrate all that we find holy–Beasts, Boobs n’ Blood!

All you have to do to participate is join the Okgoreberfest group (here), take the sacred pledge (just kidding!) and participate by posting updates or photos of what you’re watching/doing to stay in the Okgoreberfest spirit. It’s that simple.


Can’t wait to hear/see what you’re all watching this year!