Hiya! I’m Helen, a Systems & Technical Services Librarian in Central Vermont. You’d think I’d blog more about that, but the librarian bit just doesn’t seem to be the direction this blog is going in. Where’s it going, you ask? Beats me! I know there’ll be deal-finding and travel stuff. There will be consumer rights and financial planning for people without money stuff. All kinds of stuff. Maybe even library stuff, you just never know.

I’m sure there’s plenty to say about myself if I think about it hard enough but if this blog thing goes according to plan, the posts will speak for themselves. For now we’ll end with my “kids”. I have three, Harold & Claude (points to you if you get the reference) and Spiderman, and they are amazing. If I say much more than that, it will turn into a novel of an “About My Cats” page, and nobody needs that (or do they? You be the judge). But I’ll share pictures like any proud parent:




Finally, why the piano needs refinishing:

2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Say, is Harold a Maine Coon cat? I used to have one. Don’t have any cats right now – the dog is not cat friendly, unfortunately.

  2. celestihel Says:

    No, he’s a Brown Tabby Persian. Their coloring is very similar to Maine Coons, and he’s got a lot of nose for a Persian, so from the angle of that picture it’s hard to tell. Maine Coons are beautiful, but the hair with both breeds is so much work. Normally I wouldn’t go in for the long hair just because of the work involved, but Harold and Claude were rescues who needed a home and I had one. Can’t imagine life without them, but I also couldn’t imagine life if I didn’t shave him…this picture was before I came to my senses ;)

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