***Warning – Shameless Confessional Ahead***

I have been injured for almost 2 weeks. This is a different sort of injury for me. I can’t work through it, I can tough it out. I’ve been taking the narcs and the muscle relaxers and the anti-inflamatories and the ice packs. And boy, am I healing slowly. I’m working with my doctor and my chiropractor, and they’re wonderful, but jesus, I’ve been trapped in my house except to go to appointments for the injury. I can’t lift a coffee cup without it hurting. One thing gets better, another gets worse.

Part of this injury house arrest involves not being able to clean my house, not being able to clean myself, not being able to move a muscle without thinking about it really hard, not being able to reach my vitamins, not being able to cook. I think you get it, I’m operating on a level of helplessness that is not completely foreign to me, but has never been this lengthy.

I will spare the graphics, but I had just joined Weight Watchers a couple weeks before this happened, and I haven’t been able to attend a meeting. I must be gaining wieght because I can’t do anything. That’s disappointing. I can’t shower without help, enough said. I can’t even put up my hair because I can’t reach it. In short, I am in a sort of personal hell that I am just waiting to escape.

***End Shameless Confessional***

So, I can type though, and I can plan for life beyond this crappy injury. So, I really did think this would be a great time to try out this 43 Things business. I will set me some goals. It will be very personal and very public and I’m okay with that. I’m also okay with you following if you want, I generally try not to be too gushy on this site, but that site may be another story. We’ll see. I need to feel like I’m in control of what is happening with my life. Anyone in this situation would!

So, I recalled that the 23 Things mania had stemmed from some sort of techie universe thing that was many more things. So I poked around and did some back tracking until I discovered that it was 43 things…and more, the 43 things was not finite. It’s a social networking site for goal setting, and folksonomy, and won awards and things. Here’s the scoop in case you’re looking for something to fill the void that finishing the 23 Things will leave:

The Official 43 Things Site

Wikipedia on 43 Things

An Example of Someone’s 43 Things

I haven’t started any of this, or really spent much time on it, but I think I might and I’ll continue to blog how that goes.