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I can’t stop, seriously. I don’t think I’m really meant to be a Simpsons character…but maybe you are!

Simpsons Avatar Maker

South Park Me

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This is delightful and I love it. Much more indicative of the me inside. I had to swap out the kitty for coffee, but so be it. I find it privately hilarious that I could choose this bandana. If the black squares were white, it would be the bandana I wear all the time.

I made this using a really simple avatar tool called South Park Studio. If you are a South Park fan, enjoy! I think there are fancier ones out ther, but this is the one I know and it does the job.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

I don’t even know if making one of these is part of one of the 23 Things, it just looked like fun when I saw it popping up on other folks blogs. Also, pretty easy to approximate yourself in cartoon form.

Although I will say this. This is the plus-size gal. Hmmm…not quite. I think that’s me in about 70 lbs, if I were to guess. Any of you who know me know I’m a fat gal and not particularly delicate about it. It is what it is. So I feel a little misrepresented here. Or, I guess, since I made it, misrepresenting myself?

Not much choice though, I checked out a few other avatar sites to see if I could get a more accurate representation. Only the South Park avatars (stay tuned, I’ll totally make one for fun!) Does anyone else find it a little ridiculous that we’re the most obese nation in the world and these tools represent fat as size 14 or so. Seriously. Am I being an unreasonable feminazi here, or am I just a smidge justifiably annoyed?