Carrie (2013)

Will rate this one 3 of 5 stars on Netflix

Julianne Moore was AMAZING as Carrie’s mom. Easily worth the price of admission. She gets all the stars for this movie. That said, a supporting character should not so spectacularly upstage the main character. Maybe she suffers from bad movie release timing, but they did not help you believe that Hit Girl was weak, meek, or timid at all. All of her startled jumpiness was contrived and inconsistent. She came into her power to fast and too much, so that you don’t find her freak out at prom at all surprising. If we’ve already seen that you can levitate, then how are we supposed to care when you do it as the big bad. B said it seemed like they just never managed to really explore what being raised by Julianne Moore’s version of the mother might actually do to a person. I agree, it’s like she must have been adopted later in life.

Some effects were spectacular (face through the windshield, I’m looking at you), some were outright ridiculous (you won’t like Carrie when she’s angry *rolls eyes*). Only Julianne Moore has a full character, the rest are really flat. The bad kids especially are just completely unmemorable.

Basically, they had a very small target to aim at for getting perfectly scary, believable, and better movie, and they always came up short or way over shot it.