I picked a post up on the Web4Lib listserv this morning about a free home wireless project being put forth by Google called Google TiSP (beta). I don’t know much about it yet, but I was so excited I had to share right away. It sounds fantastic, but I wonder if our general lack of statewide broadband would make this impossible to work. Or maybe it’s the solution to the E-State Initiative (PDF 55 KB) issue we’ve all been looking for. Probably more on this later.

Here are two great things to listen to if you have some time and want to be inspired:

Fran Miksa guest lecture March 6, 2006 at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library & Information Science, The Genius of Library Cataloging and its Possible Future (Real Audio, 1 hr 30 min). I had the good fortune to be on campus during this lecture and was blown away. It’s an especially good lecture for folks who fret over the potential demise of cataloging.

Philip Baruth commentary January 28, 2008 on Vermont Public Radio, Libraries and the E-State (link to VPR, choose your own listening format, short). This is an abbreviated version of the bracing speech he gave at Legislative Day for Vermont’s Public Libraries. It was fantastic.