I absolutely LOVE maps! I saw this on Ridgefield Ruminations blog and wanted to make one.

Where I’ve been…where to go next!
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

For fun, I changed the colors and they use fancy hexadecimal web colors…never fear! Here is a link to all, or at least most, of the HTML colors. The first set are the primary web colors, but if you scroll down you get the prettier ones. Just copy and paste the code inside the box of the color you like into the box where you see the code for colors in the map builder, making sure to leave the # sign in front. I, personally, have an unusual love of brown…and purple…together. You should see the pictures of me as a child.

Also, some folks may not realize that when you copy and paste code from something like the map maker, you need to click your blog entry over from Visual to HTML…up there in the upper right of this text box. Otherwise, it will be gibberish code in your post. Some of you may have run into this already and I myself do it all the time, but it occurs to me that not everyone will know how to fix it. Just remember, code likes code…if you are copying code, paste into the HTML part and your visuals will be very happy. There, I’ve done my part to make the web a little less frustrating and a little more fun maybe. If you think I’m speaking sense but you need me to clarify something, feel free to let me know, I’m happy to share what I know!

I am a member of the Vermont 251 Club and one of their other members put together a great VT 251 Club website where you can track your progress on an interactive Vermont map that is great fun even if you have not become a card carrying member of the club (but you should, it’s dirt cheap fun!). This site could also be considered social networking, and maybe something a little more focused and fun for folks who feel like they need their web life to be less aimless than Facebook. I’ve visited 19% of the state! It’s so much fun, the whole shebang, and I strongly encourage anyone who feels like they want to do some staycationing, to join up. Don’t be surprised if I show up at your library someday, my 251 mission is to visit every library in the state. Gas prices and weather really killed this for me this summer, but once things get a little less hairy, it’ll be so much fun. If you’ve made a Facebook account, I have a Vermont 251 Club Facebook Group that I update periodically with cool things to go do. Check it out!

Like I said, all of my profiles are private. I typically choose to have friends networked who are actually friends of mine, or gag friends like the Golden Girls (best.show.ever.). However, since I have these totally fleshed out sites, I’m happy to share for the sake of “education”, and we’re all professionals in a very small state, we’ll know each other eventually! Also, I have some fun stuff on my Facebook site that folks might enjoy. Just request a friendship and I will happily add you.

Social Networking Accounts Helen Has:

  1. Facebook – check it all day. Love the simplicity and cleanness of it. Love the applications, a lot of people would disagree with me about this.
  2. Myspace – used to check it all day till I found Facebook. Got sick of all the huge ads and crazy, extra cluttered layouts. Got especially sick of all the spam friend requests. My cats have at least 800 more friends than I do, all other animals, so I am not alone in my crazy!
  3. Ning – participated in a lot in grad school as part of the LIS Students group. Allowed us newbies and soon to be newbies a place to vent, get job interviewing advice, etc.
  4. Virb – never heard of it? You may never again, I was part of the beta for this group and it still doesn’t seem to have taken off.
  5. LinkedIn – this is more for professional networking. Links people through jobs and professional association with each other. Also not very popular yet, but soon.
  6. Always Illinois – alumni of the U of I social network. I signed up so they’d stop emailing me about it and it’s alright. I’ve only checked it once.

These are only using the most narrow definition of social networking. I could have included Flickr and such, but 6 is enough.

I think I probably stated my case for Facebook in the last post…oops.

This whole experience got me thinking about the concept of privacy on the internet. Cathi Wilkin’s wrote a post recently about Anonymous posting. I noticed it because I realized that I myself had been posting anonymously by accident (forgot to change a setting from my screen name to my real name). I have always thought that when commenting on other people’s blogs, you owe them the opportunity to respond to you as a person. I always sign my name to blog comments (except, of course, those of you who got celestihel…by the way, that was me).

But for the rest of the illusion of anonymity on the web, I choose to be private. All of my social networking is private, and for now, I’m not advertising my name all over my blog much either. Why? Because I may not necessarily want everyone I’ve ever known to be able to know me again. They know I’m out there and that’s close enough!

Also, I was once applying for a job and did a little egosurfing to make sure that if they Googled me, I knew what they would find. There was my Myspace page, a totally fun and unprofessional endevour between myself and friends, available to anyone. What might a potential employer make of that information? It also shed a little light on how some former acquaintances tracked me down, unfortunately.

So there it is, we all choose at what level we want to just put ourselves out there. But when it comes to actually commenting about other people’s opinions, I think it’s important to own it. As for my own opinions in this blog, for now, I think I’ll let you all know who I am and leave it at that. Hypocritical? Maybe, but you can’t make me!