I think by now everyone knows that I have a reader and it has a lot of stuff in it. For the record, though, when I was looking for new blogs to keep up on professional things, I used Technorati, so it gets my vote! Though, I have to admit, nothing works quite as well as popping “[topic] blog” into your search engine and just browsing. I’ve found some really amazing blogs and listservs that way.

And speaking of the old fashioned listserv, here’s Helen’s Helpful Hint of the day for managing that horrible volume.  Mind you, I use Gmail, which is infinitely better than any other free web email I’ve ever had. And trust me, I’ve had them all at one time or another. In fact, it’s better than any email service I’ve ever had, free or otherwise. I strongly endorse it. Google is my hero.

For each listserv create a label/folder that is dedicated to it. Then set up a filter that takes all posts to that listserv and routes it to the folder. I usually use the listserv email address as that the “term” that the filter should be looking for. I tell Gmail to skip the inbox and apply the appropriate label. Then all of these millions of posts show up in a sidebar under the listservs name for me to peruse at my leisure. Poke around with your email and see if you can do something similar. You’ll love it if your email client supports it.