Google Docs has been on my personal to-do list for a while…that and iGoogle, sigh. Just this week I got my first invite as a Google Docs collaborator for a meeting agenda. Suspiciously, this agenda was written by another 23 Things participant…I’ve got my eye on you, Mary! So, I got my first chance to edit a collaborative document and so far so good! The only objection I have to it is the part where you share the doc. It’s really confusing. For instance, I wanted to send my updates for this agenda to all the contributors and add a couple more contributors, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how! Perhaps if I bothered to do a tutorial, or read some instructions. There seems to be a trend emerging where I won’t “stop and ask for directions.” That’s no good.

That first part there was written in Google Docs and posted to my blog from that application. It was a snap to set it up. Oddly enough, it didn’t post to my blog immediately. It was listed as scheduled in my post manager. I wonder when it would have posted, as it is 6:42 and it said it was scheduled for 5:42. I’ll have to investigate this further and I’m sure it has something to do with mismatched time zones.

I’m finding that the collaborative element of Google Docs is much like a Wiki, and I think this is where a lot of 2.0 confusion comes from. So many of these tools overlap, it’s difficult to know when to choose which one. When would it be better to choose Google Docs over PBWiki? I guess you’d have to play with both of them more to answer this question, but who has time for that. Sometimes you just want to know “this is the tool to use, learn this one and go.”

When I made the Vermont Cataloging Cooperative wiki with WikiMedia, it was because I wanted to try something new, and I already had experience with PBwiki. Well, now that I’ve had that experience with WikiMedia, I have moved my VCC wiki on over to PBwiki and forget that WikiMedia ever happened. Perhaps it is because it’s not as intuitive, perhaps because I didn’t read the instructions. Who knows, but the fact remains, I just like PBwiki better. So there.

Today I created a new wiki because, evidently, I am full of wiki ideas. This one is called the VLA Travel Wiki and is intended to serve as a meeting place for VLA members to coordinate carpooling and roommates for events. I’d link to it, but I made it private and invite only for the VLA membership so that folks would feel comfortable putting up contact information. I am really excited about it because it fills a need. I remember longing for something like this when I didn’t have a car and couldn’t afford to stay in hotel rooms by myself (heh, still can’t). And lo, do unto others, etc.

I have had an idea for an wiki for catalogers in Vermont for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to at least lay the groundwork. I’ve used PBWiki before, so I figured I’d try out Wikimedia. I haven’t yet figured it all out, especially how to make a new page or archive pages…it’s possible that all these layers of functionality aren’t free. Or maybe I just need to, I don’t know, actually read the documentation and learn to use it. Anyway, here’s a link to it: Vermont Cataloging Cooperative.